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Current Albuquerque Massage Discount is a ZenDana Membership Special!

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up to $216 Savings on 10 Massages!

Membership Details:

10 Massage Package 

$29 membership fee

First 9 massages 10% off my regular rate (up to $81 savings)

$5 additional saving each time you pay cash (additional $45 savings)

10th massage is free (can be a 1 or 1.5 hour treatment)

Take advantage of this Albuquerque Massage Special only from ZenDana for a limited time – ACT NOW!


* This special cannot be combined with other ZenDana specials

* Memberships are non-transferable and can only be used by the member

* Prices listed are for cash to defray processing costs.


Massage Table Review


Finding just the right portable massage table is a little like finding the needle in a haystack.  I could not believe how many different types of portable massage tables are available!  And finding a massage table review that is in-depth enough to help me make a confident decision is even harder.

I am so pleased to write this massage table review about my Coronado Therma-Top LX.  To help in your decision making process, I will discuss the parameters that were important to me in finding just the right table, and the benefits to both me and my clients of this particular massage table.

Massage Table Requirements

I created a list of featuresI felt would be most important to me and to my clients in a good portable massage table:

  • The table must be sturdy and solid and support up to 275 pounds
  • The massage table must be relatively lightweight and comparatively easy to transport
  • I preferred material that would be durable and return to its original shape even with frequent use.
  • My massage table needs to be comfortable
  • The table needs a sturdy, adjustable face cradle
These were my bare minimum requirements.  I thought to myself it would be nice if the table came with some extras, too.

Massage Table Purchase Decision

After an exhaustive search, and after talking to a few friends in the therapeutic massage business, I settled on the Coronado Therma Top LX Portable Massage Table, and I have been so pleased with my decision.
The Coronado Therma Top LX IS exceptionally sturdy and well-built.  For my super-size clients, the table is exceptionally stable.  To be fully candid, I find myself wishing the table were just a little bigger for my larger frame clients.  But I suppose that is one of the trade-offs of having a portable massage table that is manageable.  However, the Coronado Therma Top LX does come with a number of extra benefits, including an arm cradle which helps with the ‘size’ issue.
The face cradle is hinged and adjusting the position is easy and seamless to work with in the course of a therapy session.  I love the fact that this table came with 75 face cradle covers too!
You might notice I didn’t list a ‘therma top’ as a required feature.  I didn’t think it would matter but OMG, it is such a valuable benefit!  I have discovered when I use the therma top that it is an excellent way to provide comfort in a cool room, but it also warms the muscles and enhances my ability to make my client’s massage more effective more quickly.  The warmed muscles open and are more receptive to the deep tissue massage so many of my clients prefer.
The Therma-Top™ is far more sanitary than any other warming pad as pads can get “yucky” from oil and sweat build up over time.
Portability.  The Coronado therma top lx is easy to collapse and set up.  The Carrying Case is roomy and holds accessories.  (Though I do wish the material was a little more thick and durable).  There is a convenient strap system, which when used properly makes transporting the massage table fairly easy.  It is not on wheels but if you work with the strap system it should be manageable for most therapists.
My table has has held up well over more than a year regular use.


  • FREE 6 way Adjustable Face Cradle with Pillow


  • FREE Deluxe 2-pocket Carrying case (1 pocket for accessories 1 pocket for bolster)


  • FREE Fully adjustable arm shelf


  • FREE Comfort leg Bolster


  • FREE Super-Soft disposable face pillow covers (75 count)


  • FREE A Walk with Nature Massage Mood CD (4 CDs)     I was so surprised to be VERY pleased with the quality of these CD’s.  Just an added bonus I wasn’t really expecting.



If you are looking for a reasonably priced portable massage table that won’t take 3 months of massage to pay for, the Coronado Therma-Top is just what you want.  Other than the few minor quibbles mentioned above, I have been very pleased with my purchase and highly and confidently recommend the Master Home Products 26629 Coronado Therma Top Salon Size Portable Massage Table.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered in this article, I invite you to call me, Dana, at (505) 944-6193 and I will try my best to fill in the blanks.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read my massage table review.


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Albuquerque Massage Special from ZenDana Massage – Spring Special 2 for 1

Albuquerque Massage Special for Spring 2012 from ZenDana

Hello All!   I am so pleased to announce my 2 for 1 Albuquerque Massage Special for Spring 2012.

Hope you aren’t overly sneezing and sniffling, but if you are, guess what?  I have some ideas for you.  So call me and stop suffering.  Some of the ideas might surprise you…

My Albuquerque Massage Special for Spring 2012 is a ‘warm fuzzy’ special.  I have decided to hold a gratitude special to my loyal clients for new client referrals.  Here is the deal:

For every 2 referrals you send me that book and keep an appointment, you will receive a FREE 1 hour massage, including your choice of treatments!  You may claim your appointment any time after your 2nd referral has been completed.  Wouldn’t that be worth calling a friend or 2!  I really appreciate my clients,  and it is important to me to continue to build business with clients whom I will have the kind of connection I enjoy with you.  So I want to thank you for our existing relationship, and I hope you will feel comfortable recommending me to your friends and family.

At my regular massage price, this Albuquerque Massage Special for Spring 2012 represents a $90 value!

If you enjoy my therapeutic treatments, then you are really doing a favor to the people you care about by recommending me.  You have my commitment to treating them above expectations, and of course, all information; yours and your referral’s is always completely confidential.

And, don’t forget, I always offer first-time clients a 25% discount off the regular price of a massage, so you will be saving your friends and family some money too.

If you are having any issues at all you feel I might be able to help you with, you are always welcome to call me for a free consultation.

Blessings, Gratitude and Love,




Massage Special – Complimentary Massage 3/1 through 3/15

Hi Everyone!

I am excited to tell you about my March Massage Special; something a little different.   I have decided to hold a contest to get my website some attention.  Here are the details:


Contest Dates:  March 1st, 2012 through the end of March 15th, 2012.

Contest Prize:  A FREE 1 hour massage, valued at $70+ tax.

Contest Details:

I will award the prize of a FREE 1 hour massage to the person who most helps me spread the word about my website (and my business) the most by Sharing, Like-ing, and Emailing.  Here is what you do:  Each of my website pages has at the top a link for ‘like-ing’ and Sharing.  It looks like this:

zendana massage albuquerque



You can click the “like” button, Tweet about Zendana, link to Linked in, or you can click the Share/Save button and share ZenDana in a variety of ways including emails.  You can like or share as many of the pages as you wish.  The minimum required ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ is 5 each.

Massage Humor

Deep Tissue Massage

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Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!

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Iliopsoas Release Video

This can be a ‘touchy’ treatment, for both therapist and client.  But, it is probably the most effective way to palpate the strongest hip flex-or; the Ileo Psoas.  Here is a video you may find helpful to approach this treatment with confidence.  Please let me know what you think!!!

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