Massage, Hydration, and Chia Seeds?

I confess, I LOVE Chia Seeds for so many reasons; hydration, weight-loss, pain management

Chia Seeds for Massage

Post massage hydration is highly recommended by therapists, because massage modalities help release toxins locked up in your system, and hydration helps flush those toxins out.  Your massage promotes circulation, and part of the reason a massage feels so good is your body is eliminating carbonic and lactic acid build up.

Chiaporky used for massage
Chia seeds have therapeutic benefits

Now here is something you might not have known.  Chia seeds are not just for growing funny looking green stuff on clay animals.  Ingesting chia seeds might just be the single best thing you can do for yourself for hydration.  Not only that, but the list of benefits of Chia seeds is downright incredible.  Prepare to be amazed!

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