Learn about high phytochemical foods from a Certified Nutritional Consultant as taught by Qi Revolution

As a trained nutritional consultant in the area of high phytochemical foods, I’ve learned the potential healing benefits of a diet rich in phytochemical foods as taught for 20 years to over 50,000 people by Jeff Primack, Founder of Qi Revolution. Phytochemicals are chemicals found in plants which may provide health benefits, especially related to healing many diseases.

The Qi Revolution approach to nutrition focuses on science based research and information using fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs to control free radicals and reduce oxidation in our bodies. You’ll learn which foods are best for your particular health concerns, as well as the best way to prepare these foods in a way which maximizes the bioavailability of the nutrients in your body.

What can a nutritional consultant do for you?

Most of us understand that nutrition is the foundation of good health. Unfortunately our daily lifestyles often get in the way of eating in a healthy, healing way. Potential benefits of this dietary approach include:

  • Rapidly Improved gut health
  • Blood sugar level management
  • Cholesterol balancing
  • Better weight management


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The guidance of the Qi Revolution includes healing protocols for over 30 major diseases, including cancer and diabetes. I recommend the books published by Jeff Primack as the best resource to take you on this wonderful path to better health.

Clicking on the book will take you to Jeff’s page where you can purchase these great references. I also keep an inventory of them in my office so you can save on shipping costs.

Do something nice for your body, Contact Me Today to start learning a healthier way to eat!

Conquering Any Disease by Jeff Primack